Kicking Down Doors

“Soul salvations happened. Tears fell. Warriors were born.”

Last night I went to jail with a determination I have never had. I was there to kick down doors.

This past week has been one of the most spiritually difficult of my life.
This past week has been one of the most spiritually difficult of my life. I am not trying to be obtuse or coy, but I can’t yet share the details why. Let’s just say I was leveled. The enemy of God had lobbed fiery darts into God’s camp and had struck some people very close to me, and it made me so mad. I felt so much anger and pain. I wasn’t sure where to direct my anger. I decided to use my spiritual eyes and see that I was not wrestling against flesh and blood. God showed me that I was fighting against principalities and powers that would love nothing more but to kill, steal, and destroy me, and all the ones I love, and that made me very angry. I asked God to let me fight and deal a blow to the devil, and last night HE was gracious and granted my prayer.

I walked into the devil’s territory last night
I walked into the devil’s territory last night and into a cell filled with ten faces, a few were new. The girl next to me was fighting her own battle. It was immediately obvious. She burst into tears and interrupted our time together with multiple trips to the toilet to vomit six feet away from me, punctuating my discourse about Jesus with her wretching. Slowly, a prayer request sheet made it’s way around the room, opening prayers were made, and we began with the question, “What does Jeremiah 29:11 mean to you?”. That’s as far as we got. New faces chimed in with “I can’t trust that this applies to me.“ and “I know God has more for me than the world has given me, but I can’t do it, I’ve failed so many times.” and “My circumstances don’t seem to make this verse true.”.

That’s when the Holy Ghost helped me remember
That’s when the Holy Ghost helped me remember the passage in Acts 16 about Paul and Silas in jail. I told the girls how as they worshiped and praised God with beaten aching backs, on a hard cold floor with shackles digging into their Achilles tendons, in the dark of night and the darkest of circumstances, that GOD Almighty broke through their impossible situation and shook the earth on their behalf. HE not only released them but all those who heard their voices. And on top of their release, HE made a way for Paul and Silas to lead their correctional officer and his whole family from hopelessness to an eternity with Jesus through their soul salvation. If Paul and Silas hadn’t walked through the beatings and imprisonment they would never have had this eternal reward. And then God took care of their backs and empty stomachs as well, because HE cares for them and their physical needs.

It was then that Cell 3 bowed their heads and began to pray. We prayed to the best of our abilities like Paul and Silas. We lifted the name of Jesus for all to hear. We praised God for every good thing we could think of. Women who have been beaten and imprisoned raised their voices in the dimly lit cell as one family and praised God in unison. And then God shook Cell 3. Spiritual chains began to fall off. Soul salvations happened. Tears fell. Warriors were born.

The sick girl next to me showed me her prayer request written long before our prayer. It said, “Having a really hard time right now. The Devil is trying me and I’m tired of fighting. I just want to lay it all down.”

She said through tears, “I wrote this before you talked about fighting the enemy tonight. God knew I needed to hear this.”

I told her, “God made plans for me to come tonight with this message for you. Years before you even knew you needed it HE was making provisions for your need tonight because HE loves you that much. You can’t stop fighting…not while you’re on my team.” To which she renewed her resolve and took up her Sword.

Another girl, who opened the door to Jesus for the first time last night wept. She couldn’t believe Jesus would save her. She couldn’t believe he had set her free from her past and addictions.

“I NEVER felt this good on the streets.
“I NEVER felt this good on the streets. I NEVER felt this good on drugs!” she wept. “I’ve been set free! It’s supernatural!”

Y’all, this is what miracles look like. This is what it looks like for chains of despair, that dig into the deep places of souls, to fall to the cold, hard ground. This is what it looks like for captives to be set free, for legacies to be changed, for eternities to be changed. This is what it looks like when warriors take up their calling. It is beautiful.

Please pray. Pray fervent prayers.
Please pray. Pray fervent prayers. Pray with us that God would give us more opportunities to share His Good News. Pray and cover us with prayers of protection, favor, and anointing. Then, join us in the ranks. Fight with us in this spiritual battle. Get mad. Get holy mad. And then go kick down some doors.

I love you, sweet friends. And I’m grateful to call you that. You are all such a blessing to me.

For HIS Kingdom and HIS glory,


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