Key Supporters

As women and teens come to SMDC, they come bound by regrets, addictions, hurts, and sometimes trauma. Our goal is to give them the keys to unlock the chains that Satan uses to hold them captive. With every chain unlocked, another person finds freedom in Christ. A set of handcuff keys can run around $5/month. Would you join us by becoming a Key Supporter?

As a Key Supporter, you commit to give in $5/month increments. Five dollars unlocks one metaphorical chain, $20/month unlocks four, $50/month unlocks 10 chains and so on. Your monthly donation enables SMDC to provide housing, spiritual discipleship, and life skills training to women each day. Therefore, loosing the chains on woman bound by addictions and poor life choices. When you become a SMDC Key Supporter, you will receive a metal key, which you can place on your personal key ring. It is our hope that each time you see this key, you will pray for chains to be broken and that the women of Appalachia will find freedom in Christ.